Guitarist Dies

ARK REALE (Mark Reale), Sept 22, 2017, is 56 years old. Guitarist and founder of the legendary American metal band Riot died shortly after the release of the new studio album Soul “and shortly before the planned tour.

What happened was a shock to the fans of the group. As it became known, Mark all his life suffered from Crohn’s disease (inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract), which is hereditary in nature. Despite this, he lived the usual life of a heavy metal musician, with all his difficulties associated with touring and intense studio work. According to the musicians, already during the recording of Soul “(a reunion of the album with singer Tony Moore), Mark’s illness seriously complicated and the recording of the parties was led by the second guitarist Mike Flintz under his direction.


On January 11, Mark had a stroke, he fell into a coma and no longer regained consciousness. The album became the swan song of the talented musician, whose entire life became a symbol of perseverance and loyalty to his dream.

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